Side Projects

Tax Credits
* volunteer tax credits compensation

* A re-think of Champlain’s 1613 trip up the Ottawa
* sourcing historic building lime samples to test Mahone Bay (Nova Scotia) hypothesis

Engineering & Science
I don’t do the huge or galactic ideas anymore. They have become just for fun. I have a really neat one, a deep disruption to neurological sciences.
* 35-year thought experiment reduced down to a single sentence hypothesis; a first principles question about neuro-biology, preception and flow-states
* Suspect it will produce a century of fundamental R&D touching all aspects of biology, but it is a waste of time starting this in Canada.

Land Use – Working with Tim Pringle &
* Separate from contracts co-developing the Ecological Accounting Process
* Redefining Acts of God for land use, and ‘mitigatable property damage’ insurance, to enlarging the value of the commons and adjacent private property for the first time in centuries.
* market transformation products