JS/JQ - Some of the Basics

Coding for Spatial Thinkers :: The VERY Basics :

If you think spatially...

It is easy to create a window into codespace inside cloudspace

...but incredibly easy to lost in the enormity of the data.

Here is one metacognitive solution:

Bounding the Cloud with a Box

  • In thought-space...Rotate the window to a flat plane
  • Impose X-Y-Z Coordinates by extruding 4 walls
  • Impose a planar bounding state on the undersurface of the walls
  • Use this as a bounded code study space
  • Then...add a lid to study jQuery, Javascript, and other Programming
example_jq1 example_jq1 example_jq2 example_jq3 example_jq4 example_jq5 example_jq6