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Growth Structuring

Doubling the Value of Oil Sands' Reserves, 2012-13

Proposing "Oil Float Rights" to backstop an insurance industry

“Float Rights” are to backstop selected risk instruments in addition to “Liquid Right” to extract resource

Producers can leverage underperforming Liquid Rights - no longer depend on shipment of the physical resource

Creates market incentive to create 100% clean (non-polluting) extraction of the physical resource

Restructuring TransOceanic Air Freight Costs, 2011

Improving NAFTA/EEC “sales/ship cost ratio” using French overseas territory mail rates

Inventing “sales/ship cost ratio” to address Euro order cuts because of shipping costs (often 50% of order)

St.Pierre et Miquelon (10km off Newfoundland coast) ships mail to France/EEC at French domestic rate

Business Model: Restructuring U.S. Veteran Combat PTSD Care, 2008-2014

My real world MBA - Proposing a new veteran triage insurance partnership

Inventing "audiological drugs" and potential mobile treatment to compete against lifesciences cartel

Executing my plan to open-source USPTO claim to help veteran customers whilst breaking patent cartel's stranglehold

Networked into Congress & White House by 3 amazingly honourable U.S. veteran champions

Sovereign-backed Insurance Strategy evaluated by U.S. leadership as a fiscal cliff measure

Here, using the neat business model kit made by Antwerp-based

Creating Novel Competitive Strategies

Building Brand Mindshare, 2012-13

Multi-Generational Emotional Touchpoint Strategies

Inventing the idea of "Influence Inflection Points", using Water/Marine Gear Industry as an example

Developing a new model to study purchasing transitions across generations

Identifying where to demonstrate genuine Emotional Touch-Point regard at key Influence Inflection Points

(new for 2014) Building private influential brand share at Social Clefts

Strategizing Market Entry to North Dakota's Bakken Shale Play

For a job application to SEI Industries

Creating my own model to study the market, to identify where to enter the market

Creating Innovation ROI (IROI) Metric to evaluate early adoption success

Selecting McLean and McHenry Counties as the entry-point

Solving 5-Year-Old Cost Reporting Problem at Crown Agency

First to notice a tiny "data pattern" clue

Solving the Issue and collapsing bottlenecks within 2 Months

Delivering 8 monthly reports early vs. the practice of 3 months late

Bringing 9 monthly budgets back to plan

Truly Original Thinking

Sacred Values Joint Mapping Database, 2010 - 2014

Seeding a Community-led Initiative to Map Valuation Zones for Joint Mining, Oil & Gas Projects

There have been complaints that intangible cultural values are not scientific

Assigning commonly agreed values to intangible issues removes them from "intangibility"

Makes them scientific and technical, and therefore useable in managing review applications

Creating joint win-win applications from parties that, right now, often oppose each other

Protecting Brand Reputation Across Europe, 2011

Solving a 6-Year-old “Hoop” Design Flaw in 2 minutes

The flaw caused assembly failure, putting an expert/thought leader at risk during an Arctic solo expedition

Despite a history of complaints about the part, there did not appear to be an error in the part

This was puzzling to me, so I got on the workbench and “wore” the fabric assembly

While "in the zone", finding the flaw: a complex flexible double reverse 4-bar linkage...

Using Multi-Dimensional Thinking to Teach Physically-Challenged Student to Kayak Roll, 1996

Gull River Centre, Minden, Ontario

My best whitewater experience ever, teaching a teenager whose arms were twisted

Successfully taught student after coaches and national athletes gave up

What I did was become his body to figure out how and where to move it to guide his actions

This involved projecting myself into his body space...

ESViSiPA: Extra-Solar Visitor Piggyback Arrays, 1993/4 & 2004

Gedankenexperiment (thought experiment) with practical application

Noticing that the Delta-V of Near-Earth Objects is a valuable resource

Proposing an Intra-Solar Transport System ranging to the Oort Cloud/heliopause at 180 AU

With mass transfer points where orbits cross, and emplacement arrays to efficiently seed the system...

...with micro-satellites & mapping transponders for NEO Detection, science studies & resource mining

My "GE Light Bulb Coating" Experience, High School

Referencing Guy Kawasaki's story about "harnessing naïveté"

In high school machine shop class, we were instructed to create 6-sided salt and pepper shakers

Using an ancient manually-operated milling machine, limited by the manufacturer to mill a max of 6 sides

I asked my teacher if I could make a 7-sider. He laughed and said it was impossible...

Business Ventures

Founder / Innovator, 2012-13

Mychor Treatments [Management of White Nose Syndrome (WNS) Bat-Killing Virus]

Proposed rearing bats in artificial, mass-produced HVAC-managed hibernacula (hibernation caves)

Estimated Cost: $15,000 8-month lab test, then a 2-3 year field study [PDF has Business Case Estimate]

But major university prospect stonewalled requirement to sign commercial NDA . . . so instead, open sourced IP

Alerting private caving & veteran champions as one estimated outcome is 6,000+ HVAC bush technician jobs

Founder / Innovator / Managing Director / Deep Dive Strategist, 2008–2014

WarriorHealth CombatCare

Disruptive tech (Audiological Drugs) and trancheable global Cognitive Combat Insurance industry for PTS

Developed demonstrably novel and rigorous science hypotheses to make cognitive care a computing/wireless industry

First to identify insurable financial spread, ways to finance, and how tech improves valuation of spread

Built novel insurance pricing model – evaluated by US leadership as a fiscal cliff measure

Founder (Product Manager/Marketing & Business Development), 2006–2007

Our Community Parking Co-op

For-profit public/private tax venture supporting United Way by managing public/social agency properties

Strategy: minimize Net Income to alter competitive environment and lower client cost structures

Despite social mission and higher net revenue, social agencies preferred higher cost, lower risk services

Founder (Project Manager/Marketing & Business Development), 2001-2002 & 2007–2008

StakBLOC Affordable / Modular Shipping Container Apartments

Likely the first in the world to propose a venture, 1 year before Euro market leader tempohousing (email exchange)

A decade before BC Hydro's "Home of the Future" Shipping Container Showcase at 2010 Winter Olympics

Identified the means to create large-scale projects with profitable "mixed" social rate/market rate system

Founder (Product Manager/Marketing & Business Development), 2001–2004

Razor Sports Performance Monitors

Aiming to leverage my industrial design thesis

Using my award-winning market analysis for the whitewater slalom market

And a technology concept introduced 8 years before Beurer gmbh...