Whitestaunton’s Roman Villa

Whitestaunton Manor, Whitestaunton, South Somerset, England

Time Team, Season 11, Episode 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28131F_n47c

The manor house grounds of the village has the bathhouse foundations of a Roman villa, with heated floor (hypocaust) and plunge pool. The bathhouse ruins were documented in the late 19th C, and then converted to a folly (a decorative garden feature) in the Edwardian era. But the Roman Villa is nowhere to be found. I’ve noticed a bundle of clues to go look at. And there’s a bit of data from DEFRA coming in the spring to watch for …

The village is near Chard, Somerset, on the road between Exeter and Bath.

Have a look at these pictures of the village by Tony Ethridge