Funding Discovery

I’ve proposed a practical new method to fund citizen & professional archaeological & historical discovery. It got into the hands of the tax minister’s office (Canada Revenue Agency) and thence went to the Dept. of Finance. Other Commonwealth Governments and various archaeological societies have seen the proposal, too. Much thanks goes to Bernard Higham, Constituency Coordinator for Hon. Jody Raybould-Wilson, MP.


The Utility of Wild Raw Information

Rethinking the Fundamental Nature & Value of New Information
Rethinking How We Reward Volunteer Opportunity Cost

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All of us have an “opportunity cost” – what time to devote to an activity?

Which has the most benefit – personally, for our family, our friends and neighbours, our community, and the greater good of society?

The aim of the method is to reward people with a net benefit (net profit, tax credit incentive, etc.) for providing (valuable, high cost, hard-to-obtain) volunteer-gathered information to charities and agencies. It flows from a deep re-think of the fundamental nature and value of new information. And because it is about the nature and value of data, not any country’s specific laws, it does not require Tax Authority participation at all; instead, the framework could just as easily be used by non-profits and social agencies working with any number of suppliers and partners, including software vendors, local hospitals, environmental funds, and conservation societies. And between private parties such as societies, corporations and small businesses.