National Park concepts




A small National Park

A. Goals

  1. protect archaeological & ecological sites
  2. link up with the Vancouver Spine Trail running the length of the Island
  3. grow economic spin-offs for the Island’s central coast region

B. Horne Lake / Regional District of Nanaimo option

  1. [Link] 01 – Enoksasant National Park 2017-2021 idea sketch
  2. [Link] 02 – 1856 (clip) & 1872 (entire) maps + updated business links sketch
  3. [Link] 03 – High-level image of proposed park at Horne Lake
  4. [Link] 04 – Strata-level image of proposed park at Horne Lake

C. Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District option

  1. “Alberni Islands National Park”
  2. designed to match the Gulf Islands NP precedent arrangement
  3. linking “islands” of culture and ecological significance across the Alberni District.

D. Economic Profile & Marketing Opportunities for Provincial Tourism Industry

  • 150th Anniversary of Confederation – financing from Ottawa
  • First Nations guided archaeological investigation at & under lake
  • Partner marketing for supporting companies (ex. MDA Geospatial for lidar/ground radar analysis? ROV manufacturer for lake surveys?)
  • National Park Site & Heritage Trail designation to protect the trail routes
  • Elevated walkway tours of on-going site investigation if archaeological survey indicates this is warranted
  • Hiking/Walking and Canoe Trail – ties into the new Vancouver Island Spine Trail
  • Invitation to member of Royal Family to unveil National Historic Site
  • “Oolichan Trek” – Annual Alberni to Horne Lake PP to Qualicum race or trek
  • BC Heritage Fair for children
  • Historical Re-enactor event
  • “Oolichan Trail International Challenge” – annual national/international high school orienteering & racing competition
  • “Oolichan Ironman” (with tumpline/pack as marketable test of endurance)

E. Business spin-offs

  • Lodging, campgrounds & resorts
  • Outdoor recreation & floatplane services
  • Forest License conversions to real estate
  • Real estate sales & services
  • Circle Route & Tours
  • Increasing day-trips and overnight trips to mid-coast region of Vancouver Island
  • Longer visit duration grow purchase of food, lodging, outfitting, attractions, visits to other parts of Vancouver Island
  • Longer duration grows visibility of Vancouver Island‘s attractiveness to Lower Mainland tour operators
  • Posting the map discovery on FB sparked a friend in Ontario to start planning a trip to the Island with family. Simply from news from a trusted source.