About David

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Serial entrepreneur, spatial thinker, autodidact, polymath

• Explorer and hunter
• Absorptive listener with tenacity + unorthodox inventiveness
• Unusual ability to comprehend the very large and very small
• Competitive DNA – driven, curious and constantly learning

‘First principles’ problem solver: systems architect, pathfinder and trailblazer in league with the future. Synthesizing practical solutions to hard problems. Seeing provable clues where others see nothing. Making the impossible possible. Knowing the far edge of risk and where not to go. Illuminating the path forward. A tall poppy learning to be titanium, learning to ignore the naysayers.

My particular skill is an unusual ability to solve puzzles involving vast constellations of clues. Started thinking about patterns ~age 3. Corrected my father’s tax arithmetic at age 5. Figured out nuclear fusion ignition sequence in a week in adult high school physics whilst prepping for industrial design school (our instructor, PhD physics, locking it in the school safe).

I don’t have grad degrees and don’t need them. Although, socially it might be better to have them, as this is a glass ceiling in Canada. My skills were trapped behind a severe stutter for many years; now minimized through use of the SpeechEasy anti-stuttering earpiece which boosts my fluency to ~98% if the conditions are right. Got crushed in my previous major venture: developing a novel avenue of neuroscience for audio medtech, to help allied veterans overcome Combat PTSD. My current one is private sector datatech. I’m terrible at stand-up pitching. And do it anyways. And business development calls. I spend ~1% of my thinking time tackling public interest problems, posting them here. This is creative recharging–mindful exercise–something like going to the gym.

Practical Future Now

Constantly learning. Looking for ways to ‘invent the future now’. Known for imaginative “wraparound” design thinking—possessing a talent for solving difficult/wicked/systems mysteries by synthesizing hybrid solutions; and for repeatedly being the first to notice tiny clues that unlock intractable problems. These become levers, that when pulled, ripple operational efficiencies through complex networks/ecosystems – reinvigorating systems – unlocking cascading roadblocks.

My mind appears to operates as a combo of the theories of: Thomas A. Metzinger (“nemocentric” theory – the ‘view from nowhere’), Mihály Csíkszentmihályi (“flow” states), Jeff Hawkins’ (Numenta) (“thousand brains” theorem/”memory-prediction framework”), and  the qualitative “hyperobjects” schema developed by Timothy Morton (URice). I mind-map everything, make sense of it all, then find the root key to a problem, and solve it.