Spider Web Space Elevator cable-pulling?

Bio-mimicry idea: Can we connect Space Elevator strands from Earth to Orbit, by mimicking the use of spiders of electric fields to execute Cable-Pulling? The idea comes from the discovery that spiders ‘fly’ using an electric field: “A study was conducted at the University of Bristol in 2018. The study said that electric field generated due to weather activity was capable of drag a single electrostatically-charged strand of web (and the spider) off the ground” https://www.wionews.com/science/spiders-fly-using-electric-field-you-are-allowed-to-be-scared-and-ask-why-461024

New 1-page “EAP”/”Proximity Pricing” Explainer

See [Link] to read 1-pager. Updated 24Dec2021.

The Ecological Accounting Process (EAP) (“Proximity Pricing” for private & hybrid sector investing) is summarized here – see Part C & D:  https://davehuer.com/problem-solving-examples/

  • (C) (2017-19) Project contributions – link to report to funding agencies
  • (D) (2020) ESG Impact Investing Method (updates)

Respondents have mentioned not realizing that calculations can be two-directional (ie. we can calculate forwards and backwards, and that this can induce the process of continuous improvement to sustain access to the cost-superior services delivered by Nature). The new 1-pager ought to be helpful.

Mobius Universe

The other bit of fun for 2014 was to finish a thought experiment (the longest thus far: ~1984-2014); coming to a conclusion about the shape of the shape of the universe, and how this could be used to imagine the next contractionary cycle; and perhaps, in time, point the way for far-imagined journeys.

The conclusion? The universe is expanding inwards. Perhaps this might be named “the Mobius Universe”? I made a testing puzzle about this: [link] and there’s a new note here [link].**

The strange thing about constructions like this is that you must look away to observe it. We talk of “the mind’s eye” – This is the imagination’s eye. This is a way to solve many sorts of hard problems. Find imaginative-mind-play time. What you are tussling with, put aside. Accomplish tasks entirely different. Find the focus by looking away. Come back refreshed to tackle it again. Every refresh invites a new perspective. Every leaving gets you farther.

Recharge recharges clarity.

** Original 05Oct2021 version (without “Mobius Universe” title)