SOLCO: A new space treaty to break the Orbital Investing Sound Barrier

CityMoon : Getting back to the Moon

Earlier this summer, a friend and got to talking about space industry. Why industry and the authorities still had us stuck on Earth. It’s been 50 years. They played golf. And got us a bag of rocks. All the other promises were empty. And NASA keeps insisting that we ought to be making riskier long-duration trips to Mars vs. bootstrapping like entrepreneurs do. But got to thinking, concluding that the old Outer Space Treaty (UNOOSA, 1966) is the barrier to entry. The national space agencies really have little choice, because signatory states all agree that no one can own private property off-planet. : website
Treaty proposal video (CGI animation)

Well, who invests in that. 

The strategy here? A new treaty to break the investment log-jam. That’s been the project of the last few months. I will periodically post and welcome guest commentary.  It takes all of us to make the world better. And all of us dialoguing to move our civilization forward.


Antique Limestone Flagstones (Historic Decorative Materials of West Hatfield, MA)

I’ve been deep into map history sleuthing, putting up a remarkably forthcoming statement about the Horne Lake trail: Horne Lake – the Trail is the Lake. Also, the research, to date, of Col. Engineer Römer’s ca. 1698 Memorial & Mappe of his journey to 5 Indian Nations in Upper New York State. And a comment to my US friends and relatives about 1848. Why it is an Important Year for Canada (ought to be a National Holiday – maybe “Parliamentary Democracy Day”?), and the 2nd British Empire. Much more important to us than, say, 1776. Also gentle humour about the War of 1812. Which we won.

In the midst of all this, a remarkable find whilst reporting on the anomaly of “Nanhygansett Bay” limestone: a wonderful image of antique flagstones; from Historic Decorative Materials of West Hatfield, MA. This is an e-commerce site supplying aged French and Belgian floorings to the fine home building market. An incredibly neat line of products from merchant co-founders: Emmi & François Micallef