Small Things

Active [link]
* market transformation products



Polar Refreezing [Link to PDF]
In May-June2022, I had an exchange with U.Cambridge’s Centre for Climate Repair, after sending the “Proximity of Desire” commons assets accounting framework to Professor Sir David King FRS. At the Centre’s website, there was a note about Sir David Attenborough having “polar refreezing” project. I’d been thinking about mechanisms for polar refreezing several months before, so asked if they wanted the ideas (?). They said yes. Here is the summary, with updated editing. Key Point: Flows must be slowed to create eddies.



Qanats & Windcatchers for Lytton BC [Link to PDF}
A civil engineering concept to help drought-stricken areas resiliently mitigate fires for generations to come…





Tax Credits (wound it up)
* volunteer tax credits compensation




Cartoproblematica (on hold for the duration)
* A re-think of Champlain’s 1613 trip up the Ottawa
* sourcing historic building lime samples to test Nova Scotia hypothesis



Engineering & Science
I have a galactic biotech idea, a really neat one, a deep disruption to neurological sciences: This is very deep hypothesis at the root of WarriorHealth (the IP that deceptive academics and two major universities-in Canada and Denmark-tried to grab); 35-year thought experiment reduced down to a single sentence hypothesis; a first principles question about neuro-biology, preception and flow-states. I suspect it will produce a century of fundamental R&D touching all aspects of biology, but the WarriorHealth experience says that it is a waste of time starting this in Canada.


Land Use
* Separate from contracts co-developing the Ecological Accounting Process
* Redefining Acts of God for land use, and ‘mitigatable property damage’ insurance, to enlarging the value of the commons and adjacent private property for the first time in centuries. I pitched the concept to the India team defending the Ganges River. This didn’t go far…it was hard to explain the thinking. The White Paper will take 2-3years. I do not have the time. It will be in the notes of “things not finished” in future estate papers.