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(2018) Graphic image (High-level view) explaining liquid logic trees. See the high-level explanation at About David Huer page.

(2018) 3D Computing – Navatar Roadmap Vision : Imagining the steps needed to move from looking at virtual avatars to living as “Navatars”…physically-inhabited avatars. Plus an  Industrial Implications Forecast.

(2018) Aiding Tangier Island, VA, USA : The people of Tangier Island may be the first climate refugees of coastal North America: https://www.theatlantic.com/video/index/561587/tangier-island/ Could Salt Marsh Dikes & Aboiteaux drain pipes protect key sites (town hall, courthouse, hospital, fire hall, places of worship)? Could the community design itself to become a protected lagoon? Could “Rising Title” be key to the survival of seaside communities? The imagining here is having Property Title rise with the rising sea: Will Rising Title rest with submerged seabeds or be evidenced by a platform floating on or standing above high tide?

View of Earth’s Famous Capital City and The Sea of Islands


New Zealand sometimes gets left off world maps. NZ agencies have been known to do this also.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s administration is running a Tourism NZ campaign, making gentle fun of the fact: https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/new-zealand-left-off-world-map

The image here helpfully shows where Wellington, the Capital of the planet, can be found; and the distance to it from the many scattered minor reefs and islands and polar regions that fringe the vast Sea of Islands. Earthians are a phlegmatic people and the people of The Fringe most so = the Sea of Islands is euphemistically called the Central Ocean by inhabitants outside Wellington Capital Region.

Antique Limestone Flagstones (Historic Decorative Materials of West Hatfield, MA)

I’ve been deep into map history sleuthing, putting up a remarkably forthcoming statement about the Horne Lake trail: Horne Lake – the Trail is the Lake. Also, the research, to date, of Col. Engineer Römer’s ca. 1698 Memorial & Mappe of his journey to 5 Indian Nations in Upper New York State. And a comment to my US friends and relatives about 1848. Why it is an Important Year for Canada (ought to be a National Holiday – maybe “Parliamentary Democracy Day”?), and the 2nd British Empire. Much more important to us than, say, 1776. Also gentle humour about the War of 1812. Which we won.

In the midst of all this, a remarkable find whilst reporting on the anomaly of “Nanhygansett Bay” limestone: a wonderful image of antique flagstones; from Historic Decorative Materials of West Hatfield, MA. This is an e-commerce site supplying aged French and Belgian floorings to the fine home building market. An incredibly neat line of products from merchant co-founders: Emmi & François Micallef