Winding up Creativity Blog
the deepest root becomes the ancestor of the future
扎根现在,引领未来 : 扎根现在,引领未来 has readers in 116 countries. But this creativity blog of mine will shortly end.* My activity is shifting to a new career and, a private eCommerce site selling market-disrupting trade secrets developed by me for earliest & direct private sale: my ‘deep root’ solutions to grow entire segments, markets, industries. The Zuxian website is being developed.

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Target market: Buyers with global and national reach to design, program, manufacture & sell to entire countries around the world, through their networks of associations and supply chains. Buyers who have capital capacity to invest for the short- and long-term: Who invest for decades and centuries whilst carefully monitoring each minute, each day, and each quarter:

  • National and global companies
  • Family companies and family investors
  • Immigrant investors seeking a disruptive idea for a new country or region
  • Individual Buyer-Investors with global reach, seeking to maximize impact of their investments
  • Private, corporate & academic scientists looking to get a leg up in the competition to be published first

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Solution Addressable Markets (S.A.M.):
{estimated addressable market scale for my solutions}

  • K: Planet Killer:       $1 trillion+ [rare]
  • R: Root Tweak:       $500 billion to $1 trillion
  • P: Platform:            $1 billion to $500 billion+
  • V: Vehicle:               $100 million + to $1 billion
  • Ps: Point Solution: $100 million
  • Pm: Mini Point:    $10 to 100 million
  • SME:                   < $10 million

Sample Products:

  • A Method to earn fees from all blockchain and fiat electronic currency transactions.
  • A Strategy to grow Sleep Apnea market from $5.5 to 32.0 billion whilst crushing competitors.
  • Implications of a Method to convert charitable Labour Expense to Real Property for Tax Credit.

About David Huer

White hat systems gamer producing butterfly effects. Go-to-Market trail blazer with the street savvy that comes from having skin in the game. Outstanding problem-solver doing more with extraordinarily less. Tenacious key-maker, unlocking root advantages.

Liquid Membraning: My track record is to have already solved extraordinary problems in machining, neuroscience, internal medicine medtech, data flow, administrative law, civil and mechanical engineering, tax law, physics, orbital dynamics, and the like. My thinking style is analogous to the deep learning subset of Machine Learning called Cloud-Mind or Superswarm thinking. These two terms are used to describe the machine-learning swarms of artificial intelligence systems, and are easily imagined as the computing equivalent of clouds of butterflys; or flocks of birds diving and jinking as one; or schools of fish swimming in a bait ball.

My term for this is Liquid Membraning within Cloud-Thinking: “My work centres around big picture thinking, and noticing tiny clues. Many years ago, figuring out that my practice is to think as a visual cloudspace (using “cloud” language, even then), by looking at all sides of the situation at the same time. When solving, immersing myself deep into data clouds, becoming/engulfing the problem/challenge/question; and when cascading quickly sort the constellations of clues into a first solution within 2-5 minutes; writing up the first iteration in 2-3 days; and then a few weeks to simplify further. Sometimes down to a page or paragraph; and sometimes a sentence or single word.”

The best experience of my life? Teach a physically challenged boy with twisted arms to roll a whitewater kayak after national athletes and coaches gave up. Successfully taught the boy to roll himself in about 15 min. Whitewater Kayaking has always been taught one way, step-by-step. The Athletes and Coaches could not change their style. I could: By intellectually computing liquid membranes, orbital dynamics, physical manueverings of the boat-paddler-paddle-hydrology system, and thinly skidding water ballast.

Seeing that boy grin up to his dad in triumph – The moment and memory warms my heart.

And several years later…using my visualization skills, kayaking expertise, and a tiny clue noticed when shifting from traditonal whitewater long boats to short playboats, showing Top-4 Slalom Olympian David Ford how to change the tiny nuances of how he paddles to improve performance. When Olympic results are measured in 1,000th’s of a second, tiny changes offer the opportunity to produce dramatic results.

There is a product out of this, not disclosed to the Olympian: an improved way to boost speed of pilot jinking response for all capriciously-moving environments. One of the products for sale at

* Note: Cartoproblematica (the cave/karst/mapping history blog) will continue as a separate website.

Butterfly: Image modified from image by Kenneth Dwain Harrelson [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons:
Wave patterns: David Huer, Vancouver, Canada, 20 May 2018.
“A tornado of fish” – A big bait ball swirling around a loose kelp stype : Grosse boule d’appât tourbillonnant autour d’un amas de varech flottant librement. By Bare Dreamer (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons:

View of Earth’s Famous Capital City and The Sea of Islands


New Zealand sometimes gets left off world maps. NZ agencies have been known to do this also.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s administration is running a Tourism NZ campaign, making gentle fun of the fact:

The image here helpfully shows where Wellington, the Capital of the planet, can be found; and the distance to it from the many scattered minor reefs and islands and polar regions that fringe the vast Sea of Islands. Earthians are a phlegmatic people and the people of The Fringe most so = the Sea of Islands is euphemistically called the Central Ocean by inhabitants outside Wellington Capital Region.