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(2018) Graphic image (High-level view) explaining liquid logic trees. See the high-level explanation at About David Huer page.

(2018) 3D Computing – Navatar Roadmap Vision : Imagining the steps needed to move from looking at virtual avatars to living as “Navatars”…physically-inhabited avatars. Plus an  Industrial Implications Forecast.

(2018) Aiding Tangier Island, VA, USA : The people of Tangier Island may be the first climate refugees of coastal North America: https://www.theatlantic.com/video/index/561587/tangier-island/ Could Salt Marsh Dikes & Aboiteaux drain pipes protect key sites (town hall, courthouse, hospital, fire hall, places of worship)? Could the community design itself to become a protected lagoon? Could “Rising Title” be key to the survival of seaside communities? The imagining here is having Property Title rise with the rising sea: Will Rising Title rest with submerged seabeds or be evidenced by a platform floating on or standing above high tide?