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Bio-mimicry idea: Can we mimic the actions of spiders, who (it has been recently discovered), use electric fields to “fly”…
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Link: Mobius Universe

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Link: SETG: Searching for Extraterrestrial Garbage

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Link: Parasuits – uplifting humanity, uplifting industry

Post includes an flowchart positing the R&D needed to create the enabling tech
Do physically-disabled people (especially trained veterans, scientists, and engineers) obtain a competitive edge with zero gravity jobs?

Imagine the zero-gravity career possibilities as our civilization moves beyond Earth…

Link: SpaceX : lunar caving gets one step closer


Link: Invictus (Video entry to Virgin Galactic competition)


A  Gedankenexperiment (thought experiment) with practical application: (a) The Delta-V of Mineable Asteroids and Near-Earth Objects is a valuable resource; (b) ESViSiPA proposes an Intra-Solar Transport System ranging from Earth to the Oort Cloud/Heliopause at 180 AU; (c) With mass transfer points where orbits cross; (d) that our civilization can use to efficiently seed the Solar System with micro-satellites & mapping transponders for NEO Detection, science studies, resource mining, and habitat emplacement.