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David Huer: White hat systems gamer producing butterfly effects. Disrupting Go-to-Market contrarian trail blazer with hard-earned knowledge that comes from having skin in the game. Outstanding problem-solver doing more with extraordinarily less.

My solutions get down to the root of entire industries, using an unusual ability to synthesize vast constellations of clues. In physics, what gets called  “first principles thinking,” a mode of inquiry that relentlessly pursues the foundations of a problem.’

Liquid Membraning: My track record is to have already solved extraordinary problems in machining, audio neuroscience, internal medicine medtech, data flow, administrative law, civil and mechanical engineering, tax law, physics, orbital dynamics, and the like. First, by fixing my father’s tax arithmetic at age 5.

My thinking style is analogous to the deep learning subset of Machine Learning called Cloud-Mind or Superswarm thinking. + Fuzzy Logic decision cloud-tree-clouds. The former two describe the machine-learning swarms of artificial intelligence systems, and are easily imagined as the computing equivalent of constellations – clouds of butterflys; or flocks of birds diving and jinking as one; or schools of fish swimming in a bait ball.

My term-set for the liquid logic decision-tree is Liquid Membraning within Fluid-Web Linkages within Cloud-Thinking: My practice is to think as a visual cloudspace, which for practical purposes can be imagined as looking at all sides of a problem at the same time [see graphic & deeper explanation].

Liquid membraning (verb, never a noun) can be imagined as something like a nexus ribbon. When solving, immersing myself deep into data clouds, becoming/engulfing the problem/challenge/question; and when cascading quickly sort the constellations of clues into a first solution within 2-5 minutes; writing up the first iteration in 2-3 days; and then a few weeks to simplify further. Sometimes down to a page or paragraph; and sometimes a sentence or single word.”

The best experience of my life? Successfully coaching a physically challenged boy with twisted arms to roll a whitewater kayak after National Athletes and Coaches could not find the way. Coaching the boy to roll himself in about 15 minutes.

Whitewater Kayaking has always been taught one way, step-by-step. The Athletes and Coaches could not change their style. I could: by intellectually computing liquid membranes, orbital dynamical physical maneuverings of the boat-paddler-paddle-water system, and the wave motion energy of thinly skidding water ballast. The key for the boy? All whitewater paddlers possess a virtual ball-joint slightly out in front of the sternum. The key for me? Learning the boy’s liquid membrane to find his virtual ball-joint. He could use that and the ballast. And did.

Seeing that boy grin up to his dad in triumph – The moment and memory warms my heart.

And several years later…using my visualization skills, kayaking expertise, and a tiny clue noticed when shifting from traditonal whitewater long boats to short playboats, showing Top-4 Slalom Olympian David Ford how to profitably change the tiny nuances of how he paddles to improve performance.

When Olympic results are measured in 1,000th’s of a second, the tiniest changes offer the opportunity to produce profitably influential results.