Impact Investing

Aiding Tangier Island, VA, USA : The people of Tangier Island may be the first climate refugees of coastal North America: Could “Rising Title” be key to the survival of seaside communities? The imagining here is having Property Title rise with the rising sea: Will Rising Title rest with submerged seabeds or be evidenced by a platform floating on or standing above high tide? Could Salt Marsh Dikes & Aboiteaux drain pipes protect key sites (town hall, courthouse, hospital, fire hall, places of worship)? Could the community design itself to become a protected lagoon?

Aboiteaux, Dikes, and Polders (“ADP”) Could upland ADPs capture and re-direct more upland rain, melt, and storm-water to streams and aquifers vs. diverting precipitation directly to the sea?

Could Run-of-River Aquedams protect rich farming soils in wide valleys?

AFVPR: Hydrological Spreads Tax Credits : extending AFVPR to Water Cycle: Assigning value to the process of sustaining future supplies (not assigning it to water: politically, a non-starter). Update: Extending method by applying it to new “evaporation energy harvesting” tech. 

AFVPR: Float Rights for Mineable Burnable Carbon : (Extending AFVPR to O&G, Tar Sands, Coal, and Peat). Profiting without extracting. Avoiding the carbon bubble. Amortizing existing assets. Earning greater net revenue not mining physical assets. During market cycles and when MBC is not needed.

AFVPR : Anticipated Future Value of Public Resources. Maximizing value from long-term licenses by incentivizing licensees to act sustainably now.

Sacred Priorities Protocol : Lowering Risk with Win-Win Mining, Forestry, Canals, Energy & Infrastructure Projects: Avoiding stoppage risk by first valuing local measures of worth and value of an ecosystem and its landscapes.

FinQM : What’s in all that slush between budgeting and spend?
An Illumination Tool for Investors.