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China Revestment Services: Using the ambiguities of the China – Taiwan relationship to profit from other foreigners, after China closed VIE loophole.

γ before α and β trades: Tracking prefluence (earliest influence) while laggards track α/β.

WarriorHealth Combat Care :

(a) 2-page Executive Summary
(b) WarriorHealth Pitch Deck (video format, early version)
(c) Veteran Triage Service Consortium Triage Supply Chain
(d) Cognitive Combat Risk Securities Sovereign Financing

Medtech Details

  • Goal: Restoring the veteran soul.
  • Neural audio therapy medtech: Preventing veteran suicide : Combat PTSD care by smartphone & earbud.
  • Vision: Extend impact to the millions of survivors of war, crime, and natural disaster.
  • Foundation tech: Developing an acknowledged new avenue of neuroscience over a few months.
  • Neuroplasticity concept: Developing concept that PTSD is a neurochemical addiction.
  • Application: Developing “audiological drugs” framework = using sound to shape neural uptake.
  • Capital: $15K/y x 6y. Encouragement: Military & VA contacts (Canada, USA, UK) and high-integrity academics.
  • Business: Figured out a mechanism to restructure HMO delivery to deliver care to 100% of veterans at 5% of Big Pharma cost with 88-97% gross margin and no bloat.
  • Estimated HMO market cap: $4.9-12.5 T.
  • Crushing events: Government-protected universities in Canada and Denmark each tried to grab the IP. Came to realize that we would never win, and gov smothers private deep tech whenever possible to protect the way things are, so open-sourced IP to defeat attackers, put it all to bed, and left the medtech sector. A deeper hypothesis looks to be the next century of biotech R&D, but doing it in an oligopoly market is pointless, so likely it will be transferred to a foundation.

FinQM : What’s in all that slush between budgeting and spend?
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