Thoughts about Data

Cloud-Mind Theorizing

Graphic image (High-level view ) explaining liquid logic trees. See the high-level explanation at About David Huer page.

3D Computing – Navatar Roadmap Vision : Imagining the steps needed to move from looking at virtual avatars to living as “Navatars”…physically-inhabited avatars. 

Projective Transformations – Learn How to Think in 3D (Lesson #1)
A natural process mimicked by the synthetic “Universal Capture” cloned camera lens’ process (Lesson #0 : To be re-written)

Liquid Membraning

Might Friston’s “Free Energy” Markov Blankets be equivalent to Liquid Membraning? (coaching)

Cloudboxing (ie. “cognitive sandboxing”) & Cloudbox Mimics (project #5 – How I taught myself cloudboxing) (link to cloudboxing tutorial, coded in basic html5 & css3) (Can we use a growing rhizome to produce mimicked natural learning in machine-learning?)

Does Horizon Intelligence offer thinking-style-projection clues? (A philosophical look at solving the ‘social disconnect’ that computing can produce)

Thoughts on Data Capture (Can spatial modeling solve deep encryption challenges?) (When meshing, might we look for questions, not answers?) (Is error-minimizing more important than exact copying?) (Are Synomal Superpositional Clouds [SSCs] a cognitive quantum computing process?) (Could cultural graphic image & ethnic audio library dubbing cut piracy losses?)