Mobius Universe

The other bit of fun for 2014 was to finish a thought experiment (the longest thus far: ~1984-2014); coming to a conclusion about the shape of the shape of the universe, and how this could be used to imagine the next contractionary cycle; and perhaps, in time, point the way for far-imagined journeys.

The conclusion? The universe is expanding inwards. Perhaps this might be named “the Mobius Universe”? I made a testing puzzle about this: [link] and there’s a new note here [link].**

The strange thing about constructions like this is that you must look away to observe it. We talk of “the mind’s eye” – This is the imagination’s eye. This is a way to solve many sorts of hard problems. Find imaginative-mind-play time. What you are tussling with, put aside. Accomplish tasks entirely different. Find the focus by looking away. Come back refreshed to tackle it again. Every refresh invites a new perspective. Every leaving gets you farther.

Recharge recharges clarity.

** Original 05Oct2021 version (without “Mobius Universe” title)


May2024 Update #1: This topological construct of the universe appears to be similar recent formal work by cosmologists:

May2024 Update #2: Whilst reading a beautifully profound article by Ben Zweibelson, PhD. [Breaking the Newtonian fetish] I got to thinking about tori (or toruses) again, as it is hard to explain the hard-to-imagine construct.  Here are two articles  [Link #1] [Link #2] by Mark L. Irons (a Portland scholar who has passed away).

New Ideas to Describe Topology of the Universe: This delving got me imagining that perhaps it could be called a “Klein bottle”, but that’s not right. It’s more of a Mobius torus with amorphous (gassy) ever-expanding surfaces – maybe we could call this construct “Mobius Torus Flows” aka “Morflows” (good pun there!), “Klein flows” or “Klein clouds”?.

Maybe this offers a way to make the leap to living Eine (klein)e Nachtmusik? 🙂

Hadley’s Primer

I’m working out lessons to teach how to think in 3D. Here’s one of the first ideas for this. I got to watching Jodie Foster’s movie Contact. And came to the segment where Hadley reveals the primer to Ellie:

Director Robert Zemeckis needed to explain the idea without detailing the depths that an efficient data set could get to. It gets neat when we replicate the Hadley Primer into a 3D library with many books, layers and leaves:

This is Zemeckis’ version:

Now imagine the underlay also being a book, inverted:

Now imagine Zemeckis’ book as a level-1 hypercube [a tesseract projected into three-space]:


Now imagine it as a multi-layered hypercube…3D books nested within books within books…

Now imagine what lies at the “centre” of the nestlings… 

Is it “the centre”? Is it a singularity? Is it a cloud of data? Can we ever get there?

A book with infinitive leaves that “linear we” cannot perceive? 

Words in a starry firmament? Words that we cannot truly read?