Mobius Universe

The other bit of fun for 2014 was to finish a thought experiment (the longest thus far: ~1984-2014); coming to a conclusion about the shape of the shape of the universe, and how this could be used to imagine the next contractionary cycle; and perhaps, in time, point the way for far-imagined journeys.

The conclusion? The universe is expanding inwards. Perhaps this might be named “the Mobius Universe”? I made a testing puzzle about this: [link] and there’s a new note here [link].**

The strange thing about constructions like this is that you must look away to observe it. We talk of “the mind’s eye” – This is the imagination’s eye. This is a way to solve many sorts of hard problems. Find imaginative-mind-play time. What you are tussling with, put aside. Accomplish tasks entirely different. Find the focus by looking away. Come back refreshed to tackle it again. Every refresh invites a new perspective. Every leaving gets you farther.

Recharge recharges clarity.

** Original 05Oct2021 version (without “Mobius Universe” title)


SETG: Searching for Extraterrestrial Garbage

By their garbage, shall ye know them

Searching for the garbage signatures of alien civilizations

The Civage Scale (“Civilization Garbage”) is a proposed scale for detecting and measuring a civilization’s level of technological advancement based on the amount of garbage it dumps to foul the local neighbourhood. ‘Neighbourhood’ ranges from planetary to Kardashev Type V neighbourhoods. The current practice of searching for alien civilizations is called SETI: the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. This thought experiment proposes SETG: the Search for Extraterrestrial Garbage.

[pdf here]


Mitigating pandemic zoonosis risk

PPP – Pathogen Pandemic Prevention: It is all in the data. A method to finance natural areas conservation as a public health project. To reduce pandemic Zoonosis Risk (pathogens jumping from species to species). See attached 1-page poster.

Now that we all know what PPE is, it is time for PPP – Pathogen Pandemic Prevention. Could this help? Have a look! Then network the method. See if it can help your business community, farmers, consumers, volunteer groups, health authorities, and local government.

1-page poster (pdf link) + 1-page poster (png image link)


In April 2021, I was in conversation with a public health analytics team. We were investigating public health as an adjacent future market for OrbMB’s analytics tools. OrbMB is not a fit to help, but we passed along the EAP accounting method published by (called EAP: as contractor, my work was to develop the root systems’ logic to unpack the financing validation problem): The public health team suggests using EAP to reduce Zoonosis Risk.

The EAP method is a way to put a price on the value of public natural areas. To invest in protecting those lands to protect the superior services provided by nature. It is unusually hard for government agencies to allocate cash to do this in a political environment, which has conflicting pressures from taxpayers. Because it is hard to assign a budgetable cost/benefit since public lands are not taxed, so often there is no valuation history. We figured out the EAP method of practical, scalable cost-accounting.

Applications’ examples:

* Financing protection of the urban-rural-wildland fringe (encroaching into wild habitat where pathogen reservoirs reside);
* Protecting the benefits that nature provides (ex, bats are a major pollinator for flowers, fruit, and some vegetables; and consume vast quantities of insects that otherwise would consume human crops);
* Creating market demand for new food products to cut consumption of high-risk wild animals (bats, monkeys, pangolins, etc.).


  • This is an independent conceptual application of the EAP process.
  • Public interest project. Educational public policy comment. Fair dealing image use.
  • Zoonosis transmission source image:
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