Check out Antwerp’s Board of Innovation consulting group

boardofinnovationlogoAntwerp-based has a neat business modeling toolkit.

  • – Purchase version
  • – Free version (download: with major corp models, a PowerPoint tool, etc.)

When looking at an opportunity for an employer or myself, my practice is to create a trading model using Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Visio; simultaneously working napkin-sketch numbers to see whether there revenue to cover costs.  And profit to make it worthwhile. For Triple Bottom Line, too.

Using this tool: I’ve created a high-level view for WarriorHealth CombatCare …this is the model that got evaluated by the US White House and Congress during their 2012-13 fiscal cliff debate, courtesy of three amazingly honourable US leaders. I created the model and novel deep layers after being the first to notice and report an incidence range of anticipated to actual Combat PTSD in US military reports. The value of the range becomes valuable as a way to build a solution, if reframed as an insurable financing spread. That’s how it was used here.

The toolkit cuts significant re-work time.

And is useful for all manner of companies, from start-ups to multinational business units; from lemonade stands, and mowing lawns, to co-ops, and charities.